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Showing off the Kingdom

One Morning, Mufasa had promised Simba to show the kingdom off to him.

So Mufasa and Simba set out.

He told Simba that everything the light touched would be his kingdom some day. Simba was curious about the dark place, but Mufasa just told him that he was not to go there. And then Mufasa explained to Simba about the circle of life, and how everything is connected in someway.

And then Mufasa gives Simba a pouncing lesson.

But the pouncing lesson was interupted by Zazu's daily morning report.

The time with his father was interupted because hyena's were in Pride Rock. So Simba went to see his Uncle Scar. Simba was looking forward to the day that he would get to rule Pride Rock.

Simba wants you to continue...

Timone will let you go back...