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Simba talks to Scar

After Simba left his father, he could not get the "dark" place that he was not allowed to go into out of his brain. He went to visit his good old Uncle Scar.

Scar was more then happy to voulenteer that the dark place was an elephant graveyard. He tricked Simba into going there by saying it was a place for brave lions. Simba wanted to show how brave he was, so he silently decided to go. While this, Scar was planning to have the hyenas kill Simba while he was in the graveyard.

Simba decides to go get Nala, his playmate to come with him. Sarabi says that it is all right with her, as long as he takes Zazu with. This makes Simba a little mad because Zazu would never let him go to the elephant graveyard, so he has to devise a plan to get rid of Zazu.

Simba manages to lose Zazu in a bunch of commotion, and he is very proud of him self because he managed to do it.

Simba wants you to continue...

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