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Elephant Graveyard

Once Simba lost Zazu, he and Nala continued onto the Elephant Graveyard. Little did Simba know that three Hyenas, Banzai Shenzi, and Ed, were waiting for him.

When Simba and Nala get trapped, Simba trys to be a brave little lion by roaring to scare the hyenas away, but that didn't work. But thankfuly, Zazu found Mufasa in time and Mufasa scars the hyenas by letting out a roar of his own.

Mufasa is very upset with Simba because he was scared that he would lose Simba. So he has a talk with Simba to let Simba know that he wont live forever, but he the lessons that he teaches Simba will always be in his heart.

But will Simba ever be able to grow up to become the king that his father is?

Simba wants you to continue...

Timone will take you back...