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Simba meets Nala... again.

One day Pumbaa was strolling along, looking for bugs.

When all of a sudden, the tables are turned, and he is being hunted by a lioness. Little does anyone know that this is Simba's childhood playmate, Nala. Pumbaa gets stuck in a log, trying to get away from Nala.

Simba comes to rescue his friend from the attacking lioness.

Nala uses an old move on Simba which causes him to recognise her, but Nala was told that Simba was dead, and so it was difficult for her to believe that after all this time, he could still be alive.

Nala tells Timone and Pumbaa that Simba is the king of Pride Rock.

She tries to convince Simba that he is needed at Pride Rock, and he must return to assume the throne. Simba is reluctant because he changed from when he was a cub, and doesn't want to have that responsiblity anymore and he still blames himself for his father's death.

At the same time, Rafiki discovers that Simba is still alive, and knows that he must bring him back to Pride Rock.

Simba wants you to continue...

Timone will take you back...